What Is Bunch?

Bunch brings you unbelievably fresh local produce, from sweet corn to handpicked berries to grass-fed filet mignon. Our values are simple: good food should be fresh, fair, and social. So we make it easy for local farmers to come straight to you. By joining Bunch, you build your food community, support fair wages for farmers, and taste today’s flavor, the way it should be.

Our model is fresh too: by joining bunches, you and your friends team up to bring your favorite foods to your neighborhood. Sharing food as a community, we go back to the roots of how food used to be—but now, with an app to make our connections faster and easier. Built by techies and foodies with years of experience supporting businesses and sharing kitchens, Bunch is a brand new way to taste what you love.

How Bunch Works?

Dream Up

Browse Bunch to explore fresh, local choices, and click to join your favorite bunches.

Team Up

When enough foodies join your bunch, you reach the target, and your message reaches your local farmer: it’s time to pick those peaches and deliver them to you.

Eat Up

Meet your farmer at the set spot near your home. Pick up local freshness, and taste food you love.

Want Fresh?

Reserve your spot for our initial launch!